Danny Connolly
Nationally recognized fitness expert.

The 8 Method
Precision fitness and body sculpting techniques.

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Classes are scientifically designed to maximize effectiveness on each exercise. What Danny refers to as "Laser-Training", involves utilizing pin point focus (similar to a laser beam) to define exact areas. Participants are taught to maximize their efforts on each repetition via concentration (establishing a strong mind-to-muscle connection), controlling the speed of each repetition (by reducing momentum), and intensifying contractions (time under tension). Implementing these techniques radically affects change, he believes. Series of exercises are conducted in short bursts which last anywhere between 30 seconds to two minutes. Classes have been engineered to accommodate people at all levels, making it feasible for the novice to work alongside an elite athlete. Each person is encouraged to work at their own level to best enhance their own fitness capabilities, as Connolly operates from an injury-conscious frame of mind.